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Definitions of Great Falls VA Locksmith Security Terms

Residential Locksmith Terms

  1. Locks Rekeyed: Disassembling a lock to replace the pins or tumblers inside. Once completed, the lock requires a different key to operate than before.

  2. Deadbolts Installed: A locking device that once fully extended, cannot be retracted except by operating the locking device. It cannot be "jimmied", "shimmed", or pushed back.

  3. Door Viewers Installed: A viewer drilled into the door that allows one to see outside without needing to open the door. Also known as a "peephole".

  4. Intercoms: An intercom is an internal communication system with loud speakers. An intercom let's you talk to people in other rooms of your house or business.

  5. Renters Security Package:

  6. Window Locks: Having heavy duty window locks can make your home less attractive to burglars.

  7. Window Screws: There is a wide variety of high quality window screws ideal for reinforcing hardware.

  8. Patio Door Locks and Security: Patio doors are a nice addition to your house, they can be a gateway for intruders. There are a variety of locks, latches, and other security devices that can keep your patio door secure.

  9. Home Safes: There is almost an unlimited amount of choices when it comes to home safes. You can choose from gun, document, fire proof, vault doors...check our safe section to find your perfect home safe.

  10. Home Alarms: A Baldino's, GE alarm system user will be able to do the following:

    • Know that children have arrived home from school and be notified it they do not arrive when expected.

    • Turn lights on and off anytime via the Internet.

    • Arm or disarm the security system to allow deliveries, guests or repair personnel to enter the property.

    • Receive immediate notification of any event monitored by the GE alarm system the subscriber can choose to be notified by e-mail, text message or phone.

    • Be immediately notified of power outages, water problems or HVAC system problems.

    • Small business owners can monitor opening and closing times.

  11. Medical Alerts:

  12. Driveway Sensors and Gate Openers: Feel more secure with access control to your home. A driveway sensor lets you know when an object passes over a certain point. A gate opener might also be a smart choice so a car can only gain access to your house through you.

  13. Door Replacement:

  14. High Security Locks: Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and ASSA. Protect your locks from key bumping by installing high security locks.

Commercial Locksmith Terms

  1. Panic Exit Devices -Rim Mount and Vertical Rod: An exit device which may legally be installed on a fire door. It is distinguished because it is labeled for fire and panic and has no means of locking the latch in a retracted position.

    • Rim mount is when a device is mounted on the surface of the door rather than installed within the door itself.

    • A vertical rod is a device that has rods that lock both the top and bottom of the door, as opposed to the side.

  2. Full Surface and Concealed Continuous Hinges: A heavy-duty hinge that runs the entire length of the door, rather than at 2,3, or 4 individual points. When it is full surface mounted it is installed on the surface, or outside of the door.

  3. Grade 1 and 2 Door Locksets and Trim: Sets of hardware used to lock or shut a door.Specific security features and the durability of the product determine its grade and are issued by ANSI. Grade 1 locks are "industrial strength", grade 2 locks are "commercial strength", and grade 3 locks are suitable only for residential applications because they will only last in low traffic areas.

  4. Mortise Locksets and Trim:A locking device, complete with trim, mounting hardware and strike. Mortise pertains to a method of installation in which only the face plate and trim is exposed. A mortise must be carefully cut into the edge of the door to accept the lock case. The lock case is installed in this cavity created by the craftsman. Mortise locksets are some of the most durable, long lasting locking arrangements you can have for your home. They offer a wide variety of trim styles, which are often ordered independently of the lock case itself. It is strongly suggested that only a professional locksmith with the skills and experience who specialize in these installations be called upon to even attempt the proper installation of a mortise lock.

  5. Door Closers -Surface Mount and Concealed: A device which automatically controls the closing or position of a door, usually via a hydraulic mechanism. It can be mounted on the outside or concealed on the inside of a door. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a door closure.

  6. ADA Compliant Levers and Barrier Free Door Closers: Americans with Disabilities Act is a U.S federal law dealing with minimum standards of building accessibility, as well as other issues concerning individuals with disabilities. Barrier free door closers are absent of restrictions in access to the handicapped.

  7. Flush Bolts and Hinges: a bolt or hinge that is mortised into the edge of a door that will lock either or both the top and bottom of the door. Usually used on a pair of doors so that one door will remain closed or inactive, allowing the other door to lock into it.

  8. Door Coordinators: In conjunction with a pair of door, a device designed to cause the inactive leaf to close first.

  9. Electrified Locksets -Exit Devices and Mortise Locks: Electronic locksets, exit devices, and mortise locks.

  10. Door Stops and Wall Bumpers: A device that will shut a door automatically when fire is detected to prevent the spread of fire.

  11. Interchangeable Cores, Locks, and Cylinders: Locks that are designed to facilitate frequent rekeying without disassembling the lock. A special key called a control key is used to remove and replace the cylinder or core.

  12. Mechanical Push-button Cypher Locksets and Deadbolts: A lock where you push in a number or letter code combination to lock the door.

  13. Astrigal, Door Sweeps, and Weather Guards: A molding attached to the face of the active leaf of a pair of doors and overlapping the inactive leaf.

  14. Latch Protectors and Door Sleeves: A metal sleeve that is put around the lock and strike that reinforces the door and hides cosmetic damage.

  15. Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, and ASSA High Security Cylinders: High security locks use patented or unconventional design features to thwart the most common types of attacks on locks (picking, drilling, key duplication, and force). Most High-security locks are especially resistant to vandalism and conventional means of fitting a key. Some, but not all high-security locks also come with restricted keys.

  16. Desk and Filing Cabinet Locks and Security Bars: A device typically fastened to the outside of a desk or filing cabinet that provides higher protection and is locked with a padlock.

  17. Master Key Systems: An organized set of locks typically where each lock opens with its own different key, yet one key will also open all the locks, allowing selective entry to doors to certain users.

  18. 5 Level Computerized System Design

  19. High Security System Design:

  20. High Security Integration with Existing Hardware

  21. Key Numbering and Sorting

  22. System Listing and Worksheets

  23. Expansion built into all Systems to allow for any future needs

  24. Cylinder Marking available

  25. Free System Design and Setup

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